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Bear Up Under PRESSURE

I was reading in Psalm 40:1-3 this morning, and I was refreshed by the reality that God is so available to us relationally. We have simply to wade into His Word, listen to His Spirit through His Word and the encouragements of His people, and prayerfully talk with Him throughout every day.

This is the Gospel on the ground, God being present and available to us as weak and sinful children of God. He seeks us out and connects with us like a kind and patient father or husband. He cares about what we are involved in and sees us as we waffle and wander. We’re in dark places at times, places of sorrow and confusion and discouragement, yet God is available to us.

Question: What does it look like for us to wait patiently for the Lord?

Regarding local congregating of believers in Jesus Christ, what does it look like for us to wait patiently for the Lord together?

What does a bear standing in a field have to do with this? I figured it would get your attention ; ) so I posted it. I was actually looking for an image of sitting, standing, walking, and running. We are all constantly going back and forth along this continuum – sometimes never feeling like we’re progressing between standing and walking and running… just somewhere between sitting or even laying down and then standing a bit. This is part of what is so beautiful about “local body life” as believers. We have the opportunity to encourage one another in our walks with God and to walk with God together.

Remember, don’t believe the lie that our faith in Christ is meant to be lived out in a closet only… It is extremely important to have private moments or even good blocks of time with God throughout the week. Yet, we also have the wonderful opportunity of waiting patiently for the Lord together as siblings in Christ.

What does this local body life look like for you this week?


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