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Faithful and Loving – Fully Both

Reading in Nehemiah 1-11 today as well as Psalm 28 and Proverbs 28.

“The LORD is the strength of His people; He is the saving refuge of His anointed.  Oh, save Your people and bless Your heritage!  Be their Shepherd and carry them forever.” – Psalm 28:8-9

As I drove into the office today, I listened through Nehemiah 1-11 and was encouraged by the maturity of Nehemiah, his wisdom and discernment.  More than that, however, we should be amazed by God’s hand working through weak and sinful humanity to carry us.  He works through our initiative and our leadership and our submission and our humility in particular.  How else do we change?  We are so much more likely to walk in a broad place and follow joyfully after our Lord when we humble ourselves as a people before our God.  How do we lead well unless we humble ourselves and confess our sins (Nehemiah 9), break together before our God and with one another.

As we humble ourselves and seek God together, we will naturally lead and follow one another with much less competition and comparison.  We will all be focused on the Lord, high and lifted up.  We will together with one voice worship much more readilly as we behold the glory of our God, our Savior Christ, united in the Spirit of God.  We are caught up together in the fellowship of the Trinity, caught up in the beauty and worth of our God.

Father, may we together as Your people around Tuolumne County behold You and Your worth.  May we seek to be faithful before You in obedience to You together.  May we also seek to be loving toward one another and the lost, ultimately loving toward You together as believers.  Thank You for redeeming us from lives devoted to SELF.  May we now be ALL TOGETHER UNITED IN DEVOTION TO CHRIST, to exalting Your great name.  Humble us and teach us of the full-fledged life of a believer, devoted to God, His people, and sharing the hope we have with the lost.  Draw us into a constant demonstration of YOUR STEADFAST LOVE – Love and Faithfulness of God.  You are so faithful and so loving.  Please teach us of this humility and joy, deep and rich joy that lasts a lifetime because it comes from the Joy Giver Himself.

We love You, Lord.

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