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My Bride, My Helper

Grounded Gospel

Periodically I’d like to take the liberty of posting about my family. Today I’d like to post a very simple and short introduction to why I feel my wife demonstrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it shows up here on the ground. Carrie Jane Moe, my bride, is beautiful and godly in so many praise-worthy ways. She is also humble and constantly aware of the worth of God and her desire to know Him more, stand in awe of Him, praise His worth, live for Him. Her seeking of His heart for our marriage, our son, her friendships, and her business is so worthy of my praise as her husband.

This is a picture of her in her artistic element. Carrie glows here doesn’t she? She really loves God’s creation and presenting His created beauty for other’s enjoyment in the best light possible for special events both for business…

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