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Marriage, Ministry, and Work Place Missions

My buddy Todd and his wife are an example of a couple prioritizing the love of God in their marriage and over-all life.  Todd and Jenn do not try to convince anyone of their sufficiency but are caught up in the sufficiency of God for their marriage and for those of their friends around them.  Today marks nine years of marriage for my wife and me.  As we learn from couples like Todd and Jenn, we are learning about faithfulness, the beauty of consistency, the hope to grow more in our love for one another as the years go by, one day at a time.

Todd initiated the gathering that has now become the Friday morning Bible Study at Revive Cafe at 5:45am every week.  These guys are all much like Todd, leaders who want to lead and love their wives, minister in grace to God’s people in the local churches here in Tuolumne County, and be work place missionaries right where God has placed each of us vocationally.  It’s been amazing to hear of God working in the lives of these men to see the glorious opportunities available to us as God’s sons.  We can stand up and lead, finding God to be as satisfying as He assures us He is in His Word.  We read God’s Word, share each other’s burdens, and point each other back to Christ.  Todd’s favorite passage to bring up is where Peter exclaims to Jesus that they could never find satisfaction in anyone else but Jesus Christ.  “Where else would we go?!”  Todd often exclaims, with deep joy in his eyes.  He leads Jenn and the young and old alike of Chapel in the Pines to find our delight in God Himself.

I would challenge men and women alike to seek Christian contentment, seek peace and purpose right where God has you.  I’ve been submitting to this beautiful vision for Christian living here in my home town, and it’s deepening my joy day-by-day.  I am, with my wife, a home town missionary.  I love seeing God’s Word placed in our hearts as believers and growing into the trees of faith we get to see in each other’s lives.  May we bear fruit together and see God’s Word as the seed again and again.  May God’s Word and His Holy Spirit be our source time and time again as a body of believers around the county.  May this lead to us getting along all the better between local churches and longing together to see the lost found in our Redeemer’s grip.

In His friendship,

– Torrey

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