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Billy Graham and Me

Do we believe?

Do we too easily hear the Gospel and clothe it in all the old clothes of religion and tradition?

What about each of us taking a daily renewal gaze upon the cross with a heart of prayer and joyful expectation?

God softens hard hearts and draws all kinds to Himself in love.

My burden is to see more and more leaders come out of the weak and broken places of this world, that we would realize that Gospel preachers are not just white tall dudes like me from the United States. Every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to live out the rest of our earthly existence in full reliance upon the sufficiency of Jesus Christ, the true and only source of eternal satisfaction and the only eternal purpose and reason for existing!

May we fully engage and see the trappings of religion crumble and the living vine of Jesus Christ grow up and through our lives to MAGNIFY HIS NAME WITH ALL WE ARE.

No matter how much you feel you have Billy Graham boxed up and figured out, could you watch this and be refreshed? It’s tied in with two very refreshing and powerful testimonies that I know you’ll enjoy, no matter where you’re at in your views about the God of the Bible.



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