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Hope for America in the Death of Our Savior

As I pray for the USA, I pray for hope in the hearts of believers more for the soul work by our Savior than the external victories of our humanity. I am praying about how we can stand in this era and lead and love where it counts. To be honest, I could care less about material fulfillment of people’s dreams. The American Dream is not a godly hope. It’s a materialistic idol of autonomy that God us slowly stripping. Financial independence isn’t bad, but God often keeps that dream at arms length while He develops spiritual dependence in our souls .

May Americans lead and love, standing up to serve and lay down preference for the sake of promise. How many of us naturally respond to challenge with hope and volunteerism , respond to sorrow with compassion, and respond to despondency with an ear, some arms, and a kind presence for the sufferer.

May we see America and have compassion on her, hoping that more and more those alive today will be alive for eternity to worship the Savior instead of dying for eternity in punishment for temporary self-aggrandizement.

Father, thank You for the cross of Christ. Thank You that we have this Savior and can press in to know You as Father, Son, and Spirit, knowing You as all-satisfying.



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