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Dave – Pastor and Armed Chaplain

Pastor Dave of Standard Community Church wears a lot of hats. He’s got a huge heart of love for our county and is laboring with his bride to show the love of God to the youths, victims, weary, in trouble, and broken. Dave and I have only talked a couple of times, but I want to honor his example along with his church family. On any given Sunday they may only have about 40 folks in their worship service, and yet they pour themselves into the needs of our county in unusual and sacrificial ways.

Dave in particular is unusually spread thin and placed in this county in a very sacrificial and loving way by our Savior. He takes huge risks for the good of those in our county, showing up as the head chaplain to the largest share of chaplain calls. He and another two Pastor Daves (Calvary and Oak Hill Pres) serve in these capacities. We have to honor these men who are taking risks and showing up when no one else wants to to show love and kindness to those in grief and sorrow of loss or those who are victims of local crimes.

Where are we willing to take risks to demonstrate the love we feel for our Savior, our siblings in Christ, and the lost? Is it possible that our feelings of love will grow as we show the love of the Savior?

Father, we pray for these three pastors, for their safety and for Your provision of wisdom. We join them by better knowing the members of our community no matter how trying their situations in life. We especially ask for courage to join these three men that we might meet people all the more right where they are in life, at the risky and sorrowful and dangerous points of their lives, that we would turn and stop when we can see someone is in need, that we would give in to love more than we stiffen in our pride. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray these things.

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