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Getting God Himself

We just don’t get it do we?  Why do we search and search and yet never find what we’re looking for as the song goes?  We seek satisfaction and we seek after hidden treasures, and yet we seem to never be satiated, never be satisfied, never find truly pleasing treasures.

Maybe this is because we are seeking treasures plural.  Maybe this is because we are longing for things and activities and ultimately personal glory!  How I long to find my truest and deepest pleasure in a relationship with God.  I know it is available to all of us at the cross of Jesus Christ.  As we cling to the base of the cross in our prayer life every day, I believe that there grows inside of us a true and lasting pleasure that can only be found in relationship with God Himself.  After all, relationship with God is truly the ultimate accomplishment of the cross.  Jesus Christ died to give us God Himself!  This reality has overwhelmed me and impacted my soul more than any other story or reality than I have ever witnessed.  Only in this meditation and this contemplation can we find what we really need and in Whom we will ultimately find true and lasting satisfaction!

My prayer for my home town and my home state of California and beyond is that we would slowly but steadily get this truth, be absorbed by this Gospel!

With much love,

– Torrey



(Note: Source of photo lost.  Found on-line.)


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