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Vegas and a Kiss to Build a Dream On

Thought that might get a little head-turn ; ^ )

Well, it’s a little showy, but I’ve entered a talent show for my company’s convention in Vegas coming up in October.  I’ll be singing to my wife (though she will be back here in Cali) the song, “A Kiss to Build a Dream On”.  Yikes, there will be about 15,000 people in the audience and about 16 contestants.  I’ll submit that don’t think I’ll win by any stretch, but I thought it would be fun to share my heart on why I decided to do this.

My wife and I, as I’ve shared before, have been married for nearly 10 years.  We were each other’s first and only boyfriend/girlfriend and each other’s first kiss.  When I sing the lyrics to this song, I think about the how my wife is my delight.  She’s the one and only person God has given me romantically.  God has given married couples a very special gift, a safe place in that marital relationship to celebrate the best picture God has given humanity of His devotion to loving us.  A kiss in a healthy marriage goes a lot way.  Whereas, a kiss in a situation like an affair is like a gear-turning action, a slow turning of the heart away from God and away from covenant and away from the joys of commitment and God-given boundaries inside of which life truly becomes sweeter.

Carrie and I by no means have a perfect marriage.  We are constantly aware of being under construction both as individuals and as a couple.  We’re constantly aware of our need for other couples and healthy inter-relating with them for our mutual encouragement.  It takes some raw honest interaction to see growth in one’s marriage.  It takes hearing the hard stories and responding with prayer for those you know whose marriages are disolving.  We are broken up over these stories and even invested at times in seeking to see reconciliation, but ultimately we’re pointed to the God Who has never let up in His love for His Bride, the global church of Jesus Christ, all believers who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ and His death for them.

I can elaborate, but my little son calls.

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