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Building Community Life – Small Groups

More and more of my friends here in the county are making rumblings of starting small groups on mission under the lead of Jesus. My wife and I got to spend an evening with some friends on Tuesday and got to see first hand a healthy example of such a group. At this point we plan to join on in and enjoy and participate with this group. That said, I truly believe these groups are beginning to spring up pretty quickly around the county. The last thing these should be is where popularity or trendy coolness is the goal. Instead, we’re just enjoying being on mission under the Savior together, enjoying HIM above all and then enjoying one another and sharing the hope we have in Him with those we encounter as a little community of believers. These groups could be comprised of folks from various churches in the county – I know I could have kick-back on this point. Historically, I wouldn’t have said something like this, but movements of God’s Spirit and His joy through a community don’t always fit into the boxes we hope they would fit into. I will make the statement here that it does help tremendously to have a clear-headed and Bible-soaked leader who wants to keep close to the Savior personally as well as keep the group there.

I would like to simply encourage those who have a clear sense of calling from the Lord to go ahead and start a small group through which to build community life on mission under the lead and love of Jesus. It would obviously be wise and appropriate to have the blessing of one of the local churches in town and have that church as a spiritual covering. With that said, you may be surprised how “members” of your community group aren’t from the same church, at least in this season of God’s move across our county. I’m not saying I have a perfect pulse on God’s work in the hearts of the found and lost across the county, but I’ll share that I’m in regular communication with leaders across the county as well as day-to-day believers like me who really are witnessing a pretty obvious move of God in the hearts of believers to live “all in” and “all there” for our Savior, enjoying Him more and more and making Him known to one another and the lost.

All of this health developing through small communities of believers, even if comprised of members of various official local churches, can’t help but to feed back into the health of each local church as well as the community of believers across the county as a whole. It also can’t help but to result in a very united front to show the love of our Savior and share the explicit Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost throughout our county.

In His friendship,

– Torrey

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