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Vulnerability and Wholeness

Reading in Daniel 4 this morning, I’m reminded of God’s ability to humble those who walk in pride.  This last year has been a continual lesson in “eating my pride” so-to-speak and enjoying the sweet fruit of being humbled by the Living God.  I’ve also come to deeply appreciate humility in my friends and relatives, my bride, my peers in my company, my leaders and mentors, and even our Lord Jesus Christ.

In order to experience the joy of humility that is sought and not just God-inflicted, we must practice vulnerability.  Even the academia world of Ted Talks (PRESS FOR TED TALK) and the like admit that there is great power in vulnerability that just is – meaning: Those who practice vulnerability not to appear humble but because they just know it’s right and have learned to embrace the health of vulnerability… these people experience a wholeness in their day-to-day and vision for their futures that sets them apart.  The truly and regularly vulnerable ones in this life, especially those vulnerable before the Lord in prayer and vulnerable to God’s people in confession and friendship and seeking of God’s heart, these experience wholeness before thought impossible to experience.

Father God, please remind us as Your children of our need for You above all but also how You give us Your presence through the friendship and nearness of other believers.  May we operate more often as an actual body, a united front in our communities.  May we be real and vulnerable, not in the messy sense but in the sense of being real and approachable.  May we creatively share our stories with one another of Your grace at work in our lives, but may we also reveal when we need prayer and encouragement right down to the most difficult areas of our lives.  May we be discerning to know which of Your kids is appropriate to share which of our struggles, and as we do this, may we be kind and tenderhearted toward one another and lift each other up FIRST in prayer to You.  May we listen for Your Spirit’s wisdom from Your Word.  May we admonish/challenge one another where necessary, but most consistently may we encourage each other on in the labor of love that much of this life is.  We are bought at the price of Jesus’ blood on the cross, so may our lives reflect our gratitude.  In the name and character of our Savior, Jesus.  Amen.

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