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A Legacy of Self-Sacrifice and Steadfast Love

Keneth Keiser is a friend of mine who just died in his 50s of a heart attack. His legacy is remarkable and refreshing. I just spent some time with his son, and we spoke fondly of his life and the impact it has had and will have on us as younger men. Ken consistently cared for people who couldn’t give him anything in return. He laid his life down consistently and absorbed the burdens of those he encountered. For me personally, Ken would listen to me and encourage me however he could, never taking thought to his own comforts or looking for ways to advance his own plans using me or my resources. Ken would listen and encourage and then listen and encourage some more. Ken is my best example I can think of for selfless care for those in more desperate places in this life. He befriended, for example, one elderly man at a time, being available and caring for them consistently every week. He would care for them until they passed away, often helping them have longer lives than they would have otherwise had. Doctors would comment that he had helped these men live a good 10 years longer than they would have otherwise apart from Ken’s assistance. And, Ken would be a friend to them, encouraging and enjoying them as a genuine friend, often learning life lessons for himself from their lives, truly counting them to be among his closest friends.

Isn’t it true, friends, that as we care for the least of these, we find ourselves admiring people we never thought we’d have the time of day for prior? We could find ourselves be less impressive than we think we are now. Is there harm in that? Doesn’t God say He gives grace to the humble among us? Let’s humble ourselves and become like one of the little children we see around our community or in our homes every day, down low, enjoying people as they are.

Dear Father GOD, please forgive our pride as a nation here in the United States.  Remind us of people like Ken, who selflessly show the steadfast love of Jesus by how they have lived their lives.  Thank You for Ken’s example and wonderful life.  Life really is beautiful.  When we’re out on the highway (where Ken spent much of his life driving truck), may we remember Ken.  May our private thoughts be often prayers for those we’re showing the love of Jesus to when with them in person.  When we’re hiking the paths in these beautiful mountains and valleys and near the coast, may we, like Ken, deeply enjoy Your creation.  May we remember Your tender care for us and may we show the Love of Christ consistently.  Please remind us of Your favor on our lives, and may we show this favor to others, especially those who can’t give us anything material in return.  May we enjoy giving like Ken did, lighting up when we think and talk about those we’re caring for.  In the joy of Christ, Amen.

Ken and I sat here in my office for hours on end, sharing notes about how joyful giving really can be.  Today I got to spend over an hour with his son, Justin.  Justin, you are a man with much in your heart.  I truly believe God plans to continue and multiply your father’s legacy in you and your siblings’ lives.  And to Ken, I deeply admire you, a hero for me for eternity.  I look forward to giving you a big old bear hug one day soon with Christ and all our other siblings in Christ!  We’ll all be together before long!

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  1. I want to thank you for your kind and genuine words. This is his daughter, Alisha….. It’s as if you took the words right out of our mouths, describing our dad. I keep sitting here trying to figure out how to described him and his life in one paragraph, and you did it so perfectly! So, without you realizing it, you have helped me to be able to write his final goodbye. No words can express how wonderful it is to see just how many lives our dad has touched. “Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough to say to you…. From my heart to yours, I am eternally thankful for your kind and thoughtful words and prayers.

    Alisha (Ken’s daughter)

    • Alisha,
      You are very welcome. Your dad truly is a gift to us all, and I can only hope and pray to live a life that shows my gratitude for God’s gift of friends like Ken in this life. God could have given us much more bitter lives, but instead He has chosen to give us friends from Heaven, people who care and genuinely respond to what Jesus has done for us. Your father was the way he was, as he would tell me in our long talks, because Jesus showed him such grace and compassion and sought him out in relentless love. Grateful for your response! It encourages me to keep up my opportunities to highlight lives that point to Jesus.

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