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Child Advocacy

We all have a big purpose in life.  I truly believe this.  Yet, we also have seasons where our purpose is more narrowed into specific causes.  Of late, in Merced County, where apparently we are Number 2 in the nation for teen pregnancy, a cause I’ve decided to narrow in on is child advocacy, specifically as it regards children in crisis situations.  This is why you’ve seen mention of efforts such as Safe Families.  I’ll be meeting with Mary Miller next week here in Merced along with her husband Rich to discuss CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates – CLICK LINK.

My hope over the coming months is to better connect efforts such as Safe Families and CASA with the local church body of Jesus Christ around Merced County in particular.  As this goes along, I’d like to make a similar focus in Tuolumne County.  This is a somewhat long-term effort, but I believe I’m not the only person to make these connections real.  I’m not nervous about how this will go as God is the ultimate connector and initiator of our hearts as believers and community members.  An effort like helping children in crisis is something a community can unite around whether or not each community member calls themselves Christians/followers of Jesus.   Yet, the more believers lead the charge and press extra hard in making a difference here, it can’t help but to demonstrate our genuine engagement with Christ and desire to introduce others to the all-satisfying nature of an intimate relationship with the Savior Himself both for this life and the next.  Jesus truly is the Redeemer for these dear children.  May we be demonstrating His heart for them together as believers and with other community members.

In His joy,

– Torrey

P.S. Thank you again to Thomas Atkins Photography for these extra beautiful images.  You’re a gracious friend to let me use these images for my blog.  Thank you!


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