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Not Needing to Know Who Is Who…

In our walks with God, there is something very refreshing about meeting people who just truly don’t worry about knowing “who is who” and yet are gracious and kind.  I meet people like this periodically, and it’s truly a refreshment that lasts a few days for me.  You’ve met those who don’t care, but whose reason for not caring is selfishness and mean-heartedness – at least it appears that way initially.  Even these folks could be more kind-hearted than you’d think.  Getting to know people and being patient to see the true disclosure of a person’s true personality and character, this is a rare practice among humans.

Let’s be those humans who try a little more often to really get to know the people we encounter.  As we do this, we’ll probably be profoundly transformed by seeing both the deeper kind-heartedness of some and the deeper mean-heartedness of others.  If you feel you’re narrowing in on some truly kind-hearted folks, those are the WHO you should know.  Being a big name isn’t our goal as followers of Jesus.  We follow the ONE Who knows our names and knows our hearts, through the Holy Spirit, Jesus promises we will have divine help from the Trinity in every day!  This is the ONE we need to know, and as we know Him, our anxiety melts and our hearts warm and widen to walk with our heads up and arms extended, ready to be hurt more often than we before knew we could endure, but also ready to experience love from more than we’d known love from ever before.

In His joy and warm friendship,

– Torrey

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