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The Drop Box – Movie Review

Dear friends,

Please consider going to watch The Drop Box – SEE LINK.  If you miss watching it in theatres around the US this week, plan to watch it when it’s released on DVD.  What a moving film.  Instead of writing too many of my own thoughts, I’ll strongly encourage you to read the thoughts of my dear friend, Jedd, regarding this film.

Jedd Medefind writes about the film in the following blog post: THE STORY BEHIND “THE DROP BOX” – See Link

All I can say, for me personally, is that I am all the more committed to seeing the cause of the orphan attended to here in Merced, CA and beyond.  Fresno is even mentioned in the film.  Fresno and Merced County, as best I understand, are leading counties nationally for the number of teen pregnancies that have been known of in each year.  Teen pregnancies are one of the most common kinds where babies are either aborted or born and abandoned/surrendered.

Also on a personal level, I’m so proud of my wife who is presently in Kathmandu, Nepal, caring for the needs of young people at risk for sex traffic, through using her gifts in the floral design world.  Carrie, I so admire and appreciate your heart for loving the least of these!

Very grateful for you, friends!  Let’s support this film and give/donate as we’re able.

In the joy of serving our Savior,

– Torrey

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