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“I am a Christian, so…”

A young man I met just today said he was a Christian, so he…  He is a believer in our Savior and this belief is so all-encumpassing that he lives all in and all out for Jesus.  He was rescued from a place of danger early in his life, and he deeply believes it was the grace of God that ultimately saved him both physically and eternally.  You could see his joy as he mustered the words, “I am a Christian, so…”  I was really impacted by his noticable joy after having professed Christ, not knowing yet whether I was a believer who he was talking to today.

I tend to be the verbal one in conversations when Christ is brought up, and I only say this as a fact of the matter, not something I feel a sense of pride about, to be honest.  Many times I’m not sure I did well with professing Christ, or that I timed when/what/how to share about Him well or not.  That said, the notable joy in this young man’s face is something I’ve felt nearly every time I seek to share.  The more we muster up the courage to share why we have such joy in our lives or why we live well and faithfully, people notice our joy and want it for themselves.  Our joy doesn’t depend on good circumstances.  It comes from the God Who holds our very souls in His kind hands and has given us life and breath long enough to know the saving grace available to us in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.  Honestly, who cares in some senses if something happens to our bodies once we have repented and beleived in Christ?  If we are safe eternally, why would we fear any circumstances or pains or sorrows?

May more young men in particular (specifically agest 20 to 45) muster up the courage to share this hope with creativity and consistency.

God’s joy can more and more be ours as we celebrate the Spirit’s power in our lives to share this hope with consistent courage.


– Torrey

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