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Spontaneous Acts of Kindness

Imagine a community of siblings (in Christ) going from day to day with purposeful intent to show kindness.

Kindness goes a long way in showing the intengrity of our message of love in Christ.  If we tell people we’re serving them to demonstrate the grace and faithfulness of our God, and yet we’re so busy that we don’t have time for each other and others, there is something wrong with this picture!  Random acts of kindness are nearly fruitless.  Spontaneous acts of kindness on the other hand show a readiness to show the love of our God to a hurting world around us, to friends both distant and close, and to family both distant and close.  Kindness in the home goes a long way in preparing us to show kindness in our community and world.  Kindness builds bridges for deeper conversations about meaning, purpose, hopes, and dreams.  People both near to us and more removed are all more willing to share with us and include us in their lives and concerns when we show a little kindness and patience.

My wife and I are seeking to grow in how we purposefully allow space in each day to show people a little more kindness than they might receive otherwise.  Imagine how beautiful your life would be and feel when kindness is a norm both in closer and in more distant relationships.  As much as it depends upon us, siblings in Christ, we should live at peace with all.

In God’s kindness,

– Torrey

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