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My Confession of Christ

It’s been a number of days since I’ve written a post, and it’s time I share why.

It has been an overwhelming few days both in my awareness of my inadequacies and my deep awareness of God’s awesome grace in giving us Jesus Christ.  Throughout the last few days, I have had the joy of being in Washington, DC hearing arguably two of our era’s most key biblically sound voices: John Piper and Timothy Keller.  These men taught me and reminded me of key truths from Scripture and they spoke to some key issues around unbelief and fear both evident in our culture as well as in my own heart.

I’ve entitled this post “My Confession of Christ” because of what these talks did to my perspective of Jesus Christ.  Over and over again I have learned the message of the Gospel of Jesus and have been impacted in special and unique ways each time.  It hit me throughout this last week that one key aspect of my and possibly your understanding of Jesus could use some attention.


If you enjoy John Piper’s sermons at all, you’ll recognize this fine twist on the “chief end of humanity” statement:  It is the chief end of humanity to glorify God BY enjoying Him forever.

After a few days to pray over what I heard from two different sermons live from these two dear ministers of God’s Word, I can honestly say that I truly believe I have been reached with the pleasure pill of the Gospel.  In our fight against sin and our hope for joy in the darkest places, have we truly considered the best resource we have?  We have available to us deep pleasure, deep joy, deep satisfaction in communing with the Living God via the death of Jesus in our place and the presence of the Spirit in our spirits.

By the power of Jesus Christ’s death and by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we can increasingly live lives of worship, deep pleasure in the presence of God.  And, our most common response to this is to make Christ known, for He is the Way to this eternal joy.  We are doing others such a service when we simply introduce them to the REASON (the person of Jesus) for the hope that’s within us.

I would deeply appreciate your feedback and your stories of how this is true or is becoming true in your life, friends.

In His highest pleasure, in His person, in His glorious grace, much love to you!

– Torrey

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