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Hearing God’s Voice

God’s Word is so available and so nourishing, right?  In my devotions of late, I’ve been asking God to minister to me in the quiet and unseen places.  Of course I’ve done some mentioning of those kindnesses here on this blog, so they aren’t so private in a general sense.  God speaks to us through His Word, through wise counsel, through impressions He places on our hearts (particularly as we’re resting in His Word and Spirit), and through various other methods.  God is infinitely capable of speaking to His created humanity and to believers through various means.  In the Bible in the book of 1 Samuel, I keep getting moved by the Lord about His presence with Samuel and with all believers to minister to us and through us.  Eli and his sons as well as the whole nation of Israel received a sobering blow by their enemies, allowed by God Almighty.  34,000 people died in one set of engagements as well as Eli’s two sons, and the Ark of God was taken from the Israelites.  However, God was active and involved in all of this to get His children’s attention and bring them back into a place of trusting and following Him.  He even allowed their enemies to discern what God’s intentions were with the Ark.  They watched as God directed the two milk cows to walk directly away from their calves and toward God’s people.

As sobering as this story was, I watched as Samuel was brought out in the narrative not for any impressive actions or amazing steps of faith but simply as God’s chosen instrument to communicate His concerns and direction for God’s people.  We have the opportunity to listen for God’s voice every day.  Faith is a gift.  It isn’t something we compare or compete with around one another.  It’s something we celebrate and exercise together as we together behold the presence of the Living God at work in our midst.

This morning I discerned clearly that though our family is growing, as in we are increasingly caring for people and touching lives, God will take care of our transportation and housing needs.  God gave me the clearest picture that my responsibility is to simply work hard in my insurance and financial services agency and encourage those in the community God places in our lives.  This is my calling both today and for a long time to come as best I know from Him.  My wife is my first priority, then my son and any other young one’s God places in our home, and then my parents and mother-in-law and other believers and non-believers God has placed in our lives.

One day at a time and one encounter at a time.  May God be known in and through us as we encounter Him through His Word, His Spirit, and those He places in our lives.

Much love to you, friends!

– Torrey

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