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David and Encountering Grace

As I read the Psalms every day, I’m broken down to a place of raw vulnerability with God and aware of how David encountered God’s unearned favor (grace).  God’s favor is so awesome and overwhelming, isn’t it?

Usually it takes a few hours for my meditation on God’s goodness to really impact me, but once it does, I can’t help but to encourage others in how awesome our God has been to me.  This often results in others wanting to be encouraged and feeling encouraged by hearing more about what God has been showing me of His kindness.  I’m able to spill over and share about God’s incredible love for all who simply receive it and embrace the God of the Bible.  “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul!  Oh Lord my God, You are very great!” (Psalm 104:1a)

People want to know this knowable God when they realize just how touched we are by His sovereign goodness and benevolence.  God’s intentions are beautiful and loving for all who simply repent and believe in Jesus Christ.

David displays this awe-struck appreciation for our God over and over again.  I thought about yesterday how we are in general as believers to look far more like David in our communication about God than say Jeremiah, as truthful as the prophets were being about God’s wrath and holiness and our undeserving and sinfulness.  Grace changes the conversation to where people realize how gracious God is not so that they can trample on His kindness but so that they change out of gratitude for His forgiveness and kindness.  We can’t shrink from mentioning God’s holiness and wrath and all the rest, but if we lean toward higher frequency around His kindness, lives are changed like wildfire!  We are wrecked by God’s kindness and more and more run in the way of His goodness, the more we behold Christ’s death for us in our mind’s eye.

Enjoy your morning, friends!

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