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God has given us all a purpose or a calling to know Christ and to make Him known.  What does that look like for the individual, couple, family, local church family, town/city, country, or the world?  What does it look like for you personally?

For each of us, our calling has so much to do with how we handle relationships, how we conduct ourselves spiritually, relationally, and professionally.  Our views on reality and eternity impact our clarity on our calling in massive ways.  In many respects, what we actually believe we are to be doing with ourselves before God is far less important if we do not have our purpose and people clear from God.

This is where the practice of being with God in His Word is so powerful.  As we sit in God’s Word, He makes Himself known to us, introducing us to Jesus Christ Himself through His Word and Holy Spirit.  We sit and rest in His Word, ministered to and filled with courage and zeal to know Christ through the difficulties and trials of this life in our day-to-day lives together as believers as we encounter the lost and found alike with a kindness and endurance that only God Himself can work in and through us.

I intend to unpack this thought pattern more in time, but for now, I would simply encourage my own heart and those of my readers to get back to the foundations of life in Jesus and live simply and holy before Him, submitting to Jesus’ Word and way of living among us, pure and focused on the making of more disciples of Jesus among the lost and found alike.  May we more and more be nourished by the presence and promises of God in His Word, following Jesus TOGETHER as His disciples, joyous and confident of our purpose and Person Whom we love so deeply because His love is poured out even to the point of His shedding of His own blood for us who believe!

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