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You Can Cancel Your Life Insurance

Wow, it’s been a crazy ride of late.

The LORD has been showing me in His Word and through humbling messages from Francis Chan what the local church is really supposed to look like.  There are two messages that broke me up yesterday.  One is on the front page of  The video can be seen here: IF SOMEONE ASKED YOU TO DESCRIBE “CHURCH” ONLY USING THE BIBLE, WHAT WOUULD YOU SAY?  The second one can be seen here: IF JESUS WERE THE PASTOR OF YOUR CHURCH YOU PROBABLY WOULDN’T GO THERE.

During this second message, I was nailed between the eyes in my Jacob-like struggle before the Lord.  Francis says that the love between us should be so intense in our ministries to each other that we could literally tell each other to cancel our life insurance policies.  Wow, that’s a crazy thought, but not that crazy if we were behaving like the first century church.

I could go on, but having shared the links to these two videos, I’ll leave it there.

I’ll also add that since most of us don’t live like the first century church, most of us probably need to have/keep our life insurance policies.

We should, however, move on in time in such passion as local fellowships of believers that we eventually don’t even need to carry life insurance!  As a life insurance professional, but far more importantly as a follower of Jesus Christ, this blows my mind!  Oh, Jesus, may we look more and more like this as followers of the MASTER HIMSELF, JESUS CHRIST!

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