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Life & Leadership Coaching Available



Counseling?  I don’t need a counselor, you might think.  My wife and I will gladly admit that we have benefited from both life coaching and counseling in significant ways over the last few years, as well as retreat experiences and personal retreats with God whether guided or alone or as a couple.  Along our journey, we’ve been told that I should consider being a counselor or life coach, counseling pastor, or groups pastor.

I have decided to start a pilot program to explore possibly replacing my side-job income of $600/month with life & leadership coaching.  I do not presume to be a ground-breaking and highly trained coach.  All I am offering is myself as I am, enjoying Jesus, making disciples, enjoying my wife and children, building my business, creatively engaging with my community, etc.  I don’t claim to be anyone special.  It is just a deep joy to live this life the way God has shown me to live it, and it would be my joy to guide others like me into a more clear path for engaging with Jesus Christ and others with more intentionality and joy, more impact, and healthy results from the time being invested.

There are plenty of voices out there, so I’m not shocked if those I help are very focused lifestyle-wise to my world of being a professional who owns his own business and wants to live with more focus in on Jesus and people in biblical priority: Spouse, children, neighbors, friends, the needy, and then clients.

My cost is nominal:

$30/hour for individual sessions

$20/hour if you pay for six hours up front = $120

$150 for Being a Man on Mission – A Mountain Retreat Experience with Torrey Moe

This last offering is one I’ve had in mind for a few years now.  It’s the highest value I’m offering since I’m giving more than six hours of my time away from my family – much more – and yet I would obviously be enjoying the views and retreat experience along with my client/friend.  It is simply a two night backpacking trip with me where we each cover our own gear, materials, and food costs.  I’ll cover any wilderness pass and national park entry costs should we head into Yosemite National Park – the most natural destination should you be coming to me.  If I am going to your area, I’d need you to purchase my travel and pay for any housing costs prior to and following the backpacking trip.  The $150 is simply a thank you to my wife and children for going without my presence for two or so nights.  My plan is to do no more than five of these coaching adventurs per year.

Should these offerings book up, I’ll likely let go of my side job by June of 2017.  I would hope not to raise my costs much, and I’d like to keep this as a mostly word-of-mouth service to men and/or couples like me/us.  Should this pilot program go reasonably well, I plan to complete a few professional life coaching courses, yet I don’t want to muddy my mind with the “professional” kind of coaching per se quite yet.  Truthfully, I’d really like to simpy encourage brothers in Christ, help them along, listen, challenge, mentor, etc.  The cost is simply a thank you to my family for sparing me on a frequent basis to be on calls and/or backpacking trips.  Initially I intend to offer this service to men in my profession and who share faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, particularly agents within my parent company.

If you know of anyone who would like to discuss this, have them give me a call for a free consultation at 209-352-5552.

In Christ,

– Torrey

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