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Who and How

In the last couple of years, I have not been able to shake a constant belief that modern thought development has more and more pride and self at the core.  When people are ahead of things and activities in our hearts, time slows and priorities become more clearly defined.

This week is a big week for me.  I have had to make some difficult decisions and have an intense year ahead of me in which to grow in grace and humility as well as intensity and balance.  The Gospel teaches us that God is at the center of a truly fulfilling life, and we learn that the God Who attends to us as a tiny humanity also took on time, sin, and death for us.  He did this so we can enter into eternity, righteousness, and life in His joy!

May this year be a year of enjoying God and people over things and activities, so that things and activities may be what they are, simply utilities in the household of relationships.

This year I intend if the Lord wills to transition from worship leading as a side job (as much as I deeply enjoy doing this) to life coaching.  In this process, I look forward to learning more and more about focus and making every conversation in my life a prioritized opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ.


– Torrey

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