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Missionary Momentum

My wife and I are more and more clear on one thing:  We want desperately to be right where God wants us and deeply satisfied in His goodness above all else!  “Missionary” is a title we easily ascribe to people who go to a foreign land to share the good news of Jesus.  However, we would define any genuinely engaged follower of Jesus as a missionary.  If we are living out the Great Comission and two Greatest Commandments (Love God and neighbor), we are on mission for Jesus right where God has us.

This is why we are seeking God’s heart for how to live faithfully with other believers while making the reaching of the lost a constant rhythm in our day and week as a couple and as a family.  I recently offered a church my best effort to help their congregation do this for a season of two years, to cultivate small groups on mission for Jesus in their day-to-day together.  It was a little too intense a change of pace.  I understand. We realize that this is one reason why many with such a vision end up beginning new works under the Spirit’s care and guidance.  This missionary manner of life in “normal American cities” is a little too all-in for most long-time believers.  Good for you if you live this way overseas, but don’t press such an intensity of the mission onto bedroom community Christians.

May such a description of us concern us.  May we engage with God continually and seek His guidance as we encounter the lost together in this great rescue mission available to all believers ready to share their lives with one another and the lost consistently.

This month I am beginning a side-project of a small life coaching business / ministry. My target client / mentee is any man wanting to learn how to start living as a domestic missionary under Jesus’ leadership, learning to discern His voice through all the noise, soaking in His Word and Spirit and stepping faithfully into the world God has placed him in to minister and direct others to the hope we know in His salvation.

My hope is to lead men, whether they are paying clients or not, as brothers naturally placed in my path.  I want to step into the pattern of building missionary community life into which we invite the lost and/or flowndering (nominal believers).

In His fellowship,

– Torrey

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