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Del’s Life and Poetry

Grounded Gospel

Del’s Poem

I wanna look upon His face

When He comes to save the human race

Walk with Him hand-in-hand

All the way to the Promise Land

He’s King of kings and Lord of lords

He used to work with nails and boards

He walked on the water and crossed the desert sands

All for His people all across the land

He fed a multitude and healed a blind man’s eyes

Always told the truth, never any lies

He went up to Calvary

He died upon that wooden tree

He shed His blood for you and me

So we can all be free

Del and I ran into each other on Sunday afternoon at the start of this week.  I saw a for sale sign in the yard next to the home where he lives here in Merced.  I’m always curious about the homes that come up for sale near…

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