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Hope in Communion with Christ

More and more I run into folks as I meet them from house to house who are hurting, lonely, broken, friendless, angry, concerned, or just disgusted with life.  I know this through their words, through their attitudes, through the stories they share.  It’s amazing how much people will share when they feel they have a genuinely listening neighbor standing there, or sitting there.  In many cases I’ve been invited in to sit a while and talk about life and what has been happening of struggle or sorrow or even positive and pleasant things.  What many of my conversations have had in common however is a lack of peace and communion with the Lord of our souls.  It’s not uncommon for me to ask if we can simply pray over all of the hurt or pain someone has unloaded in our conversation.  When we together in the privacy of our conversation unload our burdens onto the Lord Who created us, I’ve seen more and more often a peace wash over both of our souls during our time of prayer.  My heart is lifted up and I’m actually more encouraged about the power of our God than when we first started talking.

The Detwiler Fire here in Central California has hit hard and is certainly a sorrowful blaze for our region.  I know several folks who are needing to either evacuate or prepare their properties for likely evacuation.  It’s a fearful thing, fire, and it doesn’t wait for you to have your things in order.  I was reading in 2 Peter yesterday and was sobered by the reminder that the world was once judged by God through water and will receive the final judgment from God by fire.  This blaze is no exception to the kind of violence we have seen in the state of California from natural disasters.  We have seen horrible fires and earthquakes in particular.  Having assurance not only of salvation in the blood of Jesus but also relationship with the Redeemer Himself, regular communion with God, this is truly less frequent for human souls than one would hope.  I’ve noticed faith being more and more of a last thought but genuinely a thought for many, especially when in hard times.  My prayer for Californians is that we would take God’s holiness more seriously.  We must consider not only however how holy our God is but also how GOOD He is in His holiness.  If we would just run into His embrace, respond to His love, know the virtue and grace in relationship with Him.  May we spring into the LIFE available to us in genuine fellowship with God.

My wife and I look forward to starting up a Wednesday evening fellowship around a meal and around God’s living words from the Bible.  We look forward to entering into special times of prayer and spending time encouraging one another about the hope available to us in Christ, worshiping the Lord, and looking together for opportunities to serve others together as a community.

May God be glorified as we simply saturate ourselves in what God has given us in His Word, His Spirit, and fellowship with genuine followers of Jesus Christ.

In the love and joy and friendship of God in Jesus,



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