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Miracle of the GoPro

This is literally a miracle story!

As I shared yesterday, two days ago we had several items taken from our car after I foolishly forgot to close the doors after letting the car air out a bit.  My GoPro camera and about $300 worth of gift certificates/cards were taken from the car’s glove box.  I was mainly sad because my favorite mountain bike video (unicycling down Sonora Pass – 1,500 or so foot descent) was on this camera and hadn’t been downloaded into our computer and uploaded to YouTube yet!

This morning my wife called me from Las Angeles where she was doing a gig for an upcoming workshop.  She relayed an amazing story of God’s miraculous grace.  Keep in mind that we had searched the car and cleared our bags carefully after our glamping (glamorous camping) trip during which I had gotten that footage and then placed the GoPro in the glove box.

Last night my wife cleared out our car very carefully in the gated community where our good friend was letting Carrie stay.  She removed all of her bags and ran her hand over the seats to make sure the car was clear, more concerned due to our at just having had things taken from it.

This morning my wife came out to the car to see the GoPro camera nicely poised directly in the middle of her back seat.  We have gone over and over it and there is no way this is not a miracle and kindness of our God.  

What an encouragement.  This is just like God to encourage us like this, especially with the steps of faith we are seeking to make.

As the psalmist says, I will again hope in God my strength and my salvation!  He has become for me my salvation!  I love the word “become” as each of us who follow Jesus were not such when first born.  There is a BC for each of us, and this miracle helps me remember that God cares about our remembering His grace, remembering the joy of our salvation.  The memory of that ride down Sonora Pass will now always be an extra special memory, and my memory of becoming a follower of Jesus will always be reserved in a far better record-keeping location, the Lamb’s Book of Life!

In the joy of Jesus’ salvation,

– Torrey

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