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Play NO MORE, Boys!  It’s War Time

The death of an “American icon” who created Playboy makes me think of the cancer porn has been across the world.  Really though it’s our sin that creates and permits and multiplies the evil of our times.  Porn is highly destructive, and much of the porn in the world is produced right here in California.

It’s time to make war on the enemies of our God via prayer, purity, and purpose in the mission Jesus gave us to live out as long as we have breath in our lungs.  Men in white hot pursuit of Jesus’ manner of life when here in the flesh are a force for the enemies of our God (demonic forces, our sinful flesh, and any among the human race in alignment with Satan’s ways whether knowingly or not).

My charge to any men in particular who read this is to stand with me and step forward in prayer-full faith and in the love of Jesus, stepping boldly into God’s clear will for us to make disciples of our Lord, Jesus Christ!  Lead your families, neighbors, siblings in Christ, and the lost into the fear and love of the God of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

In the passion of Jesus that we would be pure and pure in our love rightly ordered under the God of the Word and Spirit,

– Torrey

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