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Church Plant LAUNCHED!

Totally humbled to have had about fifteen Jesus followers in our home yesterday for our first Sunday worship gathering as Jesus Missionary Communities’ first house church plant.  We are prayerfully hoping to multiply into two congregations within the next nine months.  We had a wonderfully refreshing and diverse family of believers committed to continuing to gather, grow, and love together in the love of Jesus.  We spent time around our living room sharing our hearts, worshiping God in song, praying God’s Word, and taking communion.  We also had a couple of us go over to a widow friend of mine’s home to pray over her difficult health situation and recent loss of her husband.  That was a very touching experience as I truly sensed the Holy Spirit was moving during our prayer time as we asked Him for His power and His promises to be evident in our friend’s life.  As we were praying her front door slammed shut loudly, and we were shaken up, asking God all the more boldly to shut the door on her fear and her health’s being compromised.

Our time together was certainly special, but it’s just a small expression of what all believers can be up to all week, every week.  We must be seeking the heart of our Lord and Shepherd, Jesus Christ.  We have opportunities daily to know what it looks like to be in Jesus and have Jesus in us, as Jesus Himself said, “I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.”

Press into God’s heart, friend, and know how rewarding following His promptings day-by-day can be.  Know Him.  Engage with Him at every turn, with every challenge, and in every relationship.  Ask God for His leading!

If anyone is interested in joining our community, simply call my cell phone to discuss what the Lord has been doing in our midst.  This is totally of the Lord and not our doing when all is said and done.  We’re grateful He has worked through our humble efforts to simply follow Him in the path of meeting, encouraging, and working with other Jesus followers one day and week at a time as we see the Gospel of Jesus Christ showing up here on the ground with God and Heaven in our hearts!

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