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Bound Together in Love

Our little Jesus community is growing in the best way possible, in love and devotion to Jesus Christ.  It’s been special to watch individuals and families catching a vision for what the Lord is up to in and through Jesus Missionary Communities.  We don’t view ourselves as better or smarter in any way.  We are just really encouraged by what God is doing in our midst and through us.

We have been able to serve a number of precious people together this week including Del who has been mentioned here before and now Miss Rose as people call her around town (in photo).  We know God will continue to guide us and give us discernment as to how to care for one another and for others. May the Lord continue to open doors and hearts as we welcome others into our homes, schedules, prayer life.

Much love in Christ, all!
– Torrey 

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    • We are calling our Jesus community / church Jesus Missionary Communities. You can reach out to me anytime to discuss and I can get you directions to our home where we gather for worship and growth together in God’s love and His Word and then head out to serve others in the mid afternoon.
      We are in Merced, CA.

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