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We Are Jesus Communities

Any who gather in the name of Jesus Christ and follow His manner of ministry can experience His eternal joy and be knit together in God’s love.  We had such a sweet time together yesterday and enjoyed having Rosie with us all day (or most of it anyway).  We were built up in God’s Word, prayer over one another and those God had given us to serve together, and we decided to begin taking communion at the end of our meal instead of at the end of our gathering.  We gather at noon on Sundays and any are welcome to join us: 250 St Michelle Dr, Merced CA.  We jump right into enjoying lunch and some encouragement of one another.  We watch some The Bible Project overview videos to get our growth time rolling, and then we worship the Lord and pray over one another in the love of Jesus.  I take about twenty minutes to build us up in the Word and then encourage us all to share from our times in God’s Word.  We again enjoy fellowship and building one another up and discussing ways we can serve others who aren’t yet a part of regular community in the love of Jesus.

Our prayerful hope is to multiply into two Jesus communities by March more or less…  whatever God wants and makes clear.

Carrie and I agreed that our fellowship just keeps feeling more and more like healthy family life and is just so wonderful to join into. God is definitely in our midst and lifting our spirits.  It’s plenty of time and emotional investment for all involved all through the week even, and yet similar to healthy family life, we wouldn’t have it any other way!  It’s been special to see connections in the community happening and opportunities to serve others together as a family/team of missionaries in Jesus’ name.  The term missionary has sadly been more used by the Mormons than follower of Jesus Christ when it comes to people seeking to make a difference in the United States.  This is grieving to me as we too easily see missionary activity as something very few are called to, when in fact it is a calling on the life of every follower of Jesus!

May we labor on in the love of Jesus, and May God’s love through us bring many to genuinely encountering the goodness and grace and clarion truth of God in His Word and in the hearts and minds and homes of His children.

– Torrey

Call or text if interested in participating in our gatherings and serving opportunities as a Jesus community/family.


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