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Weak & Powerful

Yesterday’s gathering was the culmination of a week of missionary activity for our little missionary community. We saw God work through us to touch some lives in some really special ways, and it was sobering to see the power of God on display as we simply answered God’s call one step of service and encouragement at a time. Personally I was deeply blessed with an encounter I had with a new friend in his home mid-week. His honesty and transparency was akin to another man who I count now to be one of my very best friends and a co-laborer in the Gospel of Jesus. God is leading me to disciple key men in particular who are reaching their entire family and friendship network of relationships. This man that I encountered this week was honest that he isn’t sure Jesus truly walked this earth or at least isn’t sure He is the God-man believers know Him to be. He said at the same time that he wants to believe this and wants that joy and passion in following Jesus “if He really is all that…” It’s so special to have these conversations, especially when in my weakness and limitations I remember the power of God’s Holy Spirit Who is in the driver’s seat of these conversations and relationships.

We have had several special folks come through our Sunday context too, some staying and others we check on now as a community and pray over frequently. One of our elders covered a few of those who haven’t been able to make the Sunday gathering in prayer yesterday and a wave of peace came over me as I remembered the corporate shepherding God calls us to, and how we are a community of missionaries. I’ve too long been in a mindset that I’m some kind of lone star evangelist and have felt lonely in this pattern I’ve seen in my life over the last four or so years. This chapter of planting Jesus Missionary Communities is such a refreshing chapter because God is showing me how He loves to work with willing and weak communities of Jesus-followers to display His powerful love in the Gospel of Jesus pouring into this Valley through humble vessels of grace.

We were at one time lined up for God’s wrath, and then we heard and responded to the Gospel if Jesus, the reality that Jesus bled for us, and we now walk as His bondservants, ready with every breath to step into others’ lives with the love, hope, faith, and joy of our ransom-paying Jesus, our Lord, our Loving Master and Friend.

In His friendship,

– Torrey

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