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Go Home and Multiply

This morning I could not find my prayer journal as I left it at my office. In prayer a few people came to mind as I read in Leviticus, Romans, Proverbs, and in a book titled Awe by Paul David Tripp. Walking in the Spirit has been more and more on my heart in my prayer life before the Lord along with my various siblings in Christ.

As I meet believers from house to house as well as spend hours with our precious home church community, I’m so overwhelmed with joy at how God is HERE in our midst as we gather in the character and joy of our Jesus!

We are seeing a growth in our numbers and impact in a way I could have never anticipated. It’s overwhelming and energizing to see the Lord work through us as normal people! It’s sobering how moving back to California and simply seeking to see God multiply normal Jesus addicted children of God is being blessed and prospered for the glory of His name!

This last weekend was such a faith-builder! I made a YouTube video discussing some of our experience and talk here also about some things the Lord has been reminding me about His awesome power showing up on the lives us normal Jesus-addicted children of God.

Don’t mind the video getting cut off near the end. The gist of the message is there.

In His joy and passion,

– Torrey

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