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Healing from Within

Over the course of the last several weeks we have been studying Jesus in the book of John, as well as experiencing Jesus’ healing power in our lives as a Jesus community. We have been asking God to show us Himself and soften our hard hearts, to unite us in the love of God and remind us of His favor upon our lives as unearned as it is.

With this we have experienced healing from within that has been genuine and deep. We have sought one another out in love and experienced both God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of one another and that of loved ones around us. We have confessed our sins one to another more readily and sought the forgiveness of relatives and loved ones more healthily.

God is at work and we trust Him! Enjoy this video I put together yesterday on my lunch break, a short exhortation to TRUST GOD as we make disciples together in Jesus’ name and in the power of God’s presence and intimate fellowship!

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