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Humility of Jesus

It’s been a humbling path to seek Jesus’ presence. He says He is with us always even to the end of the age. He is Himself our peace and abiding love of God to be encountered through His Word, Spirit, and body of Jesus-followers. As a pastor of a very small church by American standards, it is vital for me to m to realize that we are not islands as congregations of believers. While we must form godly DNA and experience unity in our bodies of believers, we cannot think we are the only ones faithful to the Lord Jesus as we follow in His path of humility before the Father and in the Spirit.

Jesus came full of grace and truth.

LORD of Heaven, fill Your disciples with Your grace and truth to the point of being burst! Spread us out across the land and teach us to not be hoarders of Your grace and Your truth.

The Gospel of Jesus’ death for us and life in us is so revolutionary. Please discipline the ones You love and being us into a beautiful submission to Your sacrificial labor of love to make and feed the disciples of Jesus who will do the same generation after generation until Jesus returns in glory to receive His own!

It stands out to me that humility in the path of following Jesus is so critical. As we ask the LORD of Heaven to humble us and make us of some use to Him, desire for things and position slip away and a simple and pure desire forms:

To know Jesus and to make Him known, to know His resurrection grace in our lives and in the lives of those we receive as new and forever siblings in Christ!

This picture is a fun shot of my Aunt Kathie who has just recently gone on to be with the Lord Jesus forever! I’m so excited when I think of her zealous and Jesus-addicted person embraced in His arms and glorifying the LORD with arms raised high and voice at full volume in joy and dancing and absolute DELIGHT IN THE KING!

I miss you, Aunt Kathie, and I thank you for how you so often reminded so many of how focused our Lord Jesus is in caring for us who believe and praying constantly for us before the Father!

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