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Focusing on Jesus Christ

So much of the time we believe that Jesus is worth focusing on in theory. What is of the upmost importance is that we come to a place of actually focusing on Him daily.

Only through daily meditation on God’s Word and prayer and biblical fellowship with other believers will we truly come to realize how much grace God has given us to endure to the end. As we live out these daily practices together as followers of Jesus, regularly taking communion and remembering Jesus’ death for us, we will be changed and unified to follow Jesus with all the more consistency and passion!

Recently a friend sent me an audio file that was so edifying. It was simply a meditation guide that helped the listener hear Matthew chapter two piece-by-piece and respond in prayer and careful meditation upon what was being said and more importantly Who was being described!

Oh that we would search diligently for the Christ child and actually enter into genuine and consistent relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ!

Holy Spirit, fill Your people with Your passion and Your pleasure and Your sacrifice and Your help and Your personality and Your purposes and ultimately Your heart!

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