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Everyone Needs Forgiveness

It’s staggering to think of how sinful we really are apart from God’s intervention and forgiveness given to us in the Gospel of Jesus’s death and resurrection for us! If it were not for this wondrous saving grace, we would be left to our own devices which are hopeless when it comes to eternal earning of God’s favor!

What a mighty and awesome and wonderful God we serve, that we could be called sons and daughters for eternity of the LORD over all! Our God is called the Almighty God. He isn’t just a god over some of humanity’s attention span because some people chose to idolize him. That’s all that other gods and idols are ultimately… holding some sway over people’s attention span for a span of time and that’s that. Our God is the God of all eternity and is supreme and sovereign and worthy of our FULL SURRENDER!

Enjoy this song – Mighty to Save – by Laura Story.

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