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Peace with God in Christ

More and more I’m overwhelmed by joy when I take the time to meditate on the truths revealed in Romans with a couple of other brothers in Christ. Zeke in our group and I met yesterday and are wrestling in Romans six right now. We felt that the rest of the chapters pile into be summarized in the first part of Romans 6…

Universal sinfulness and a universal need for justification and a universal offer of hope for redemption in the death and resurrection life of Jesus Christ… It’s all here and ready to be drunk deeply of in the first section of Romans six…

Another meditation is how we can enjoy peace with God in Christ as discussed in Romans chapter five. Awe-inspiring that regardless of circumstances, followers of the Way Himself, Jesus, can find rest and peace for our souls in the presence of the Holy One Himself! We can enter into the peace of God in the midst of an awe-inspiring story of resolution of the problem of evil and sinfulness. Because of this gift of GRACE, we mustn’t continue in sin, even though grace does and will abound! Sinful patterns and sinful acts in our lives must be things we flee and press far away from us, and yet sin lies so close at hand.

Romans seven and eight … so looking forward to getting deeper and deeper into this Grace as we study on, and learning to distance our strides from sin and further strides into joyfully obedient living due to this peace that we have with God in Christ!

Have mercy on me, friends, for I am a Trump supporter and I’m looking to look less and less victorious as things unfold here in the US. Forgive me if I sound cynical here but I’m already over it if Trump isn’t the winner in the end on public record.

My heart is steadfast in the Lord Jesus, the only ultimate Ruler of my soul.

My joy is grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I’ve found peace with God Almighty, friends, and so I fight on for joy and for truth and for grace to overwhelm the lies of the enemy and the world and to be the hope of the nations, for Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! We revel in and reveal joyfully this Hope of the nations! Our Lord and Savior fills my view as I enter a fresh chapter of living well and fully and doing some writing along the way.

Much love, friends and foes alike ; )

– Torrey

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