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Jesus’ Leadership

There is this intense dude I’ve checked in on here and there of late named Clay Clark. If you look him up you’ll see this:

If you dig down into some recent labors of love of his, you’ll see him being bold and loud even about Jesus and giving some best efforts at some prophetic pushes / leanings / best efforts from his reading of Scripture and the times.

My point here isn’t to hugely honor or pick into anything I’m seeing from him. Don’t know him and don’t have strong opinions concerning him, but I did hear an interview recently where he basically went on for a while with full disclosure of where he’s at presently with Jesus’ leadership in his life and his own views on his own career achievements thus far in life and most importantly where he believes Jesus is leading him to focus now.

He’s a big leader for an around the USA event focus where many, many speakers are challenging Jesus followers and citizens of the US in general to WAKE UP (not woke… WAKE) and RE-AWAKEN here in the USA. There is a big focus from what I can tell on what needs to be done personally and politically to turn things around for conservative, Jesus-loving, biblical values raising focuses. God has called us not to shrink back when things get rough and not to become all the more afraid of offending.

He even spoke in the interview I watched of how he has for the longest time built his business (15 minute courses from big names on business) around business school without the BS, and what he meant by BS was religion and politics.

There was a prophetic word spoken over his life however he believes (only his first name was referenced in the prophesy, but it’s interesting nonetheless)… people can debate about modern day prophesy too… I’m not defending explicit “you’re going to be such and such or do such and such” types of prophetic words here. I do believe we can have exhortations that God uses to point each other and others in directions, but I believe predictive prophetic work is really unusual and something to be very careful about. From what I’ve seen, God leads us with a still, small voice, and we should be cautious about grand stage prophetic words. God guides though, and I won’t try to stay that He can’t guide through those moments at times even today.

All that said, Clay feels and many believe that he is the Clay that was referenced in the prophesy:

President Trump – Clay Clark – Kim Clement! What do they all have in common? – YouTube

Regardless, it’s important that we do something similar to what Clay is doing… We risk it all for Jesus so-to-speak, because it’s not about us, not about our careers, not about success in many respects… It’s about JESUS, and God will guide as we become recumbent upon Jesus Christ instead of worrying about the future. Our FAITH over FEAR awakens greatly when we cast ourselves upon the Lord Jesus.

Clay could be off, could make mistakes, is not a hero to be worshiped… What I do enjoy about him however is his passion for Jesus and passion to follow Him wherever God leads him and anyone else who casts themselves upon the LORD God.

Take this as you’d like.

I’m not deep into knowing much about all of this.

These events are interesting. God knows what HE IS UP TO, so WE MUST CAST OURSELVES UPON THE LORD JESUS!

Jesus, be our Leader above all! We love You and will follow You wherever YOU LEAD.

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