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God Is Love and Defeats Hate

Why do we so quickly want God out of the generic love each other conversation? We push for and argue for love all day long, but we forget to daily remind ourselves and one another of the source of that love.

In this interview, this congressman who has since passed away speaks of love in that generic way and even speaks of God with many mentions, but then he takes all the power out of what he says when he says, “…whatever God you believe in.” This yet again brings the conversation into the realm of generic love with some nice flavoring of faith. God’s love is the one mentioned when we see the passage that says that there is faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love. That’s God’s love, not just some generic love that sorts itself out to being nice, tolerant, and neglectful of any awareness of God, sin, justice, holiness, etc. When we keep God at front and center as we seek to cultivate love, we realize the kind of love that has serious weight and impact.

Congressman who left GOP over Trump gives final message before death from cancer (

Donald J Trump… what a hot topic dude. He’s made the mass media in the USA tons and tons of money by them seeking to show as much hate for him as possible. It’s actually quite funny to observe that he’s constantly painted as being such a hateful person with constant hate – obvious hate – for him being demonstrated. It’s my belief that President Trump hit on some topics that are just straight up uncomfortable, but one in particular is this concept of loving one another as citizens of the United States of America, actually preferring your people in a given nation over the people of other nations in a sense. Of course we are to love one another globally, but is it possible that some form of nationalism is important for there to be a tension even of power for instance against any evil human agendas in the world?

For instance, imagine the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army having less and less check on their power. The people of China should be loved all day long, but imagine a steady decrease in nationalism among the American people and a steady drawing down of our defense and ability to win a war against the PLA. Not ideal. Okay, that’s an under statement – terrifying actually. Praise God there are people who get this all through our country, but I’m less and less seeing media support for this reality. There is a steady silencing and quieting of a steadily growing group of “patriots” who aren’t even centered around Donald J Trump. Yes, that’s who we will vote for in 2024 and that’s who believe – still – won in 2020, but we are a steadily growing group who are honestly generically patriotic in part truthfully for self-preservation purposes. We want to see what we have known at least at the basic level as the United States of America still around in 100 years, for the sake of our great grandchildren. This push to hate being American has got to stop.

I’m really grateful for my neighbors and I love them.

I love my fellow countrymen and women.

I love people around the world too and support not only foreign Christian missions but also humanitarian aide efforts across the globe. We have a stronger chance however of making a continued substantial difference with the freedoms we have as Americans than if the PLA were running things and the largest super power nation. Am I off? I think not.

We must stand up and get these points chewed on and agreed on. There isn’t a ton of deep thinking needed to see the impending risks of not uniting AS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA… as Patriots… not just Trump Supporters… The guy is in his 70’s. He just represents a massive majority of Americans who can’t believe that the majority of Americans would let this beautiful country slip into the hands of a very small group of far left extremists. Is it a fact that the country doesn’t stop to think through some of these deeper realities and many have simply supported Trump partly because it’s popular among their neighbors in the red states… Is that true? Having spent six weeks in North and South Carolina and having spent quite a while in good conversations with folks out there, I would say this isn’t true. People enjoy the freedoms we have, especially the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms… to name a few. Imagine a country with less and less ability to exercise these freedoms? Don’t need to imagine it. We are living in it with the intense push the blue states have had and plenty of red states too to over lock down the states.

Florida has an appeal to many as well as South Dakota, but that’s because of tough and conservative and thinking governors who have a strong enough and bold enough majority behind them.

Imagine our country pulling together and getting Trump back in 2024, just for a second.

Put aside all the noise the media will make as that becomes more of a likely reality.

Put aside all of the fraud that will go on as that day nears.

Do we put our hope in getting him back in office? Humanly speaking many are doing just that I think. Do you blame them?

God directs the steps of Jesus followers to not be hero worshipers. Is Trump a hero? Actually, yes he is in many respects. Do we worship him? Many do. I’ve chosen not to, but I do admire many of the things we saw him push us into as a leader and many of the ugly under-belly things he helped to reveal before it was too late.

Imagine if we didn’t know all of what was going on under the surface globally? Imagine if we didn’t know that the CCP was having the sway it has had or George S and the sway he has had on our media and what we hear as a country?

May we WAKE UP and not be “woke” and SPEAK UP of course in LOVE… May we SPEAK THE TRUTH IN LOVE.

The ultimate truth we must speak up about as Jesus followers day in and day out is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My biggest reason for wanting the USA to still exist in somewhat the fashion it does today 100 years from now is so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can keep spreading as it does with the US as the #1 super power humanly speaking. DO YOU THINK CHINA WOULD PERMIT THIS?

Then again, God will have His way! If China does become the #1 super power in world humanly speaking, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will spread all the more rapidly, but believe me it will be with much more bloodshed and much less peace and much less methodical methods. It will be done also with genuine Jesus followers having to be the real deal and with less pretending being done because it just won’t be the comfortable path at all globally to be a Jesus follower.

And, you better believe that if/when that day happens, the “fall of the USA as we know her to be today”… I’ll be honored to be one of the first they shoot in the head.

My prayerful hope however is that we see our great grandchildren getting to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world without being martyred to do so until Christ’s return.

Jesus will return to judge the world one day, and all those shooting believers in the head will be judged for their evil, that is for sure. All those who are suppressing the truth in the propaganda generating media across the world, they too will be judged for their part in Satan’s work, who comes through his many tool soldiers to steal, kill, and destroy.

Jesus followers, stay strong in the faith and LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND THE LOST and EXPOSE THE LIES OF THE EVIL ONE.

Your brother in Jesus Christ,


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