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In a Little While

In a little while we will all see God’s holy presence, His goodness. Will we be covered by the blood of Jesus or will we face God’s eternal wrath?

Not a fun question, but so vital to consider while still on this side of the soil.

Before we die and are planted in the earth so-to-speak, we want to know what kind of seed we are, what will that seed turn into when planted, in a sense. Jesus died and was raised up to eternal life, and all who die in Christ, having placed their hope in Jesus, will be raised as well to eternal life. Both exhilarating and terrifying to daily consider, and yet it seems to me as I read God’s Word and consider our unworthiness as humans that this question must be daily before our eyes and should influence our every step.

Have we considered that Jesus truly is the answer, or are we still trying to be our own saviors and live good enough lives to get a nod from the Holy One on judgment day? Do we truly believe God will see our resume or character features and say, “Wow, impressive. I could really use you up here… okay, I’ll forgive your lesser points because these merit points are so impressive to me!”

Sorry, but that just doesn’t line up. God will see any ounce of our unworthy and especially our sinful traits and we will face His judgment, especially since we had the Gospel of Jesus presented to us at some point in our lives and rejected it, or we acted like we believed and said the right stuff but didn’t actually turn from our sin, didn’t actually receive God’s forgiveness and turn full on into God’s love to receive Jesus’ reward as our atonement, our sin-bearing and judgment-enduring Sacrificial Lamb Who bled on the cross for all who simply repent and believe.

Jesus is the true and everlasting HOPE for all who simply believe.

God is so good!

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