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Jeroboam and Today

This morning I was studying about Jeroboam who Israel made their king – king over ten of the tribes of Israel – as had been prophesied by a prophet of God. It was sobering to see how quickly he too however went into idol worship. One thing that stood out to me is the practical concern Jeroboam had as to why he had two calves made to be worshiped – ring a bell? He simply didn’t want the Israelites to go back to Jerusalem to worship God in the Temple, out of a concern that they would return to recognizing the king of Judah, Solomon’s son, as their king once more. All he had to do was to trust God and not act so hasty. His haste showed his fear and his lack of faith in God as the One Who established him as king of Israel.

My wife has a tradition she’s gotten going for us as a family which we often call something like Word of the Year. She on her own or sometimes she and I pull together words with passages of Scripture referenced. We put them on small papers and wrap them in aluminum foil and bake them into a cake with little markers where the papers are. We then put frosting on the cake and give out pieces of cake to the family and friends in attendance close to the start of the new year. This year my word was Wait or waiting on the LORD. When we wait patiently for the LORD of hosts, He establishes our steps and they are blessed and fruitful in the deepest ways possible. We may not be rich or successful in the world’s eyes every time we behave this way, but we are happiest in the deepest sense because we are staying tight with the King of kings.

Imagine if Jeroboam had of hung in there with the LORD. What a mess the kingdom of Israel turned out to be with evil king after evil king. Imagine if world leaders feared the God Who allows them into their positions of power. The whole theme in Scripture of God being the LORD of lords and King of kings is so humbling and encouraging. A small, small scale example for me is when I think of being a boss or husband or father. God in Jesus is the husband of the church (Ephesians 5) and the Father God, with the Spirit the church cries Abba, Father. God in the Spirt is the nurturing and caring God Who all of us depend on even for our next breath.

God, please humble humanity once more. Remind us that You give us any opportunities and influence and any amount of responsibility. Help us to walk humbly with our God and never forsake You. We love You, LORD!

In the awesome name if Jesus Christ, Amen! Love you, friends and family.

– Torrey

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