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What happened to DIALOGUE?

DIALOGUE, noun Dialog. [Gr., to dispute; to speak.] 1. A conversation or conference between two or more persons; particularly, a formal conversation in theatrical performances; also, an exercise in colleges and schools, in which two or more persons carry on a discourse.

This is the Webster 1828 definition of Dialogue. What ever happened to dialogue at every level, friends? What happened to not giving up on one another and staying at a topic or a concern instead of turning something personal and deciding to just leave the relationship entirely because someone got uncomfortable or didn’t agree. A regularly used phrase I’ve heard here is, “I’m out.”

A friend and I were discussing how taking a break makes sense, asking to be excused for instance if you feel your blood boiling over something someone you’re in relationship with said. What is interesting is that in our culture it is in vogue to simply cut people out and form “boundaries” of silence toward people who have historically been part of a flora so-to-speak in one’s life. God has been showing me a lot about being tenacious – gently though – to not give up on anyone who may have given up on being in healthy relationship with me. It’s a humbling experience to give a call or text or email to someone who doesn’t try back the other way, and I do seek to do this sparingly… It’s something I genuinely believe the Holy Spirit has put on my heart, to stay proactive and genuine to not give up on people who may have given up on being in relationship.

Can you identify? Do you have a relationship where someone has disappeared and you feel there isn’t justifiable you know of as to why they have done so? I would lovingly encourage you to give it a go to check in from time to time, even if it’s once a year.

God, I pray for Your people to model this above all. May we be those who model what Christ did, to initiate loving interaction and relationship with a people who had neglected their walk with God. You even died, Jesus, for us gentiles, who literally showed no interest in the God of Israel prior to the Gospel – nearly no interest at least… Thank You for Your seeking and saving of the lost, Oh God, and I pray that we would seek and be Your tools to draw even the found back into healthy fellowship with Your people. LORD, please forgive us for forsaking assembling together even outside the four walls of the local church, forsaking one another is so grieving and simply wrong. Please forgive us for not forgiving one another and teach us to forgive one another by remembering how You’ve forgiven us! As we forgive one another, thank You that we will better realize how much You have forgiven of our sin – all of it! You’re so amazingly generous and kind, LORD! You are patient and kind to us. We are in awe of You! In the character and goodness of Jesus Christ I pray this. Amen.

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