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Our Own Story



There is a phrase I read recently that typifies what my wife and I are striving to do with the remainder of our lives.  It is the biblical reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ lived out in our lives as a response to what Christ did on the cross.  We want our lives to be constantly connected to God through the story of Christ’s death and relationship with Jesus Christ through His Word and through the presence of the Holy Spirit.  This is the Gospel changing our lives at the heart-level.  We understand the Gospel in the air so-to-speak, all of these amazing heart-changing realities about Christ and us.  Now, with how we live our lives, we want to live out the Gospel on the ground, what it looks like to really connect with the life God has given us now that we know we are forgiven of our sin and given a home in Heaven with Christ.  What does it look like for believers to be faithful where God has placed them.  I could share our whole story here, or I could simply state that we are back here in my home town of Twain Harte, CA, seeking to do life well here on the ground God has placed us on, here on the old Moe Homestead, in the county where I was raised and taught to follow God.  My wife and I are here raising our son, growing in our marriage, making great friendships, seeking to build community wherever God makes it obvious it is right.

The purpose of this blog is to simply capture stories, real stories about people seeking to do the same.  Specifically, I hope to capture stories about people seeking to live out the Great Commission down here on the ground with Heaven in their hearts.  I want to learn of families working together, singles becoming part of the family of God, individuals and groups of believers and even non-believers working together to build healthy Christian community.  As we get to know one another, getting focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of doing life together, our lives are changed, churches are planted, community is built-up, friendships deepen and find purpose, and ultimately we come to know God all the more intimately through all of this life-on-life encouragement and connection.

My hope is to foster healthy community through story-sharing, both here where I live as well as in my region, state, nation, and even globally.  My wife encouraged me to give this blog a shot, so here it goes.  If it becomes appreciated and impactful, I attribute that to the beauty of the stories (real life stories) told and the God who made these stories possible and beautiful.

– Torrey


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