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Three Marriages – all over 50 years


Bob & Jan –

I met this couple in Merced, CA. We talked about life for a while, and I thought they were very pleasant. Toward the end of our time together, I shared that they were very blessed to have one another still after 56 years of marriage! “Blessed” is a great word to use to determine whether someone professes to be a follower of Christ. Bob responded, “Well yes, I am blessed, but I don’t get the credit. She picked me up!”

Bob went on to share his life story and how he was so blessed to meet Jan. He said that Jan and her two other girlfriends were driving along a highway one day toward the military base. Bob and his two bodies were walking toward the same base. Jan suggested they pull over and give these fellas a lift. She noticed Bob was a pretty handsome guy and said that if he was willing to go to church with her, she would be willing to let him take her on a date. They have been married for 56 years now, and, the other two military boys married the other two young ladies. They all stayed married for life!

Bob and Jan shared that it was their love for God and one another that made all of this possible. They shared how it is a shame that so many couples end their marriages so easilly, and they insisted that covenant-keeping, commitment-keeping, this is such a rare but priceless exercise for couples to really enjoy their marriages and ultimately enjoy the Lord.

I couldn’t help sharing this story. Bob and Jan said they were fine with me sharing it as well. Their commitment to living life well, staying committed, and enjoying God in worship throughout all of this is what I prize from my time with them. Bob began to cry while we talked, sharing how much he truly loves worshiping God in song.

Bob, we will all be together one day, singing the praises of our great Redeemer and Lord, Jesus Christ.

– Torrey

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