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Life Together – Book Recommendation

life together

Today I had the joy of riding on a train from Fresno to Merced, CA.  We have family and my business down here in the Central Valley of California.  It’s amazing how much food is produced here!

During my train ride, I read about half of the way through Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  At the outset, I’ll admit this is not written in a way that could easilly be found as popular, even among pretty conservative believers in Jesus Christ.  As I read however, I found many interesting points about what living for Christ can look like in Christian community.

In particular, my take-away is this:  While we all have a “life’s work” that God has called us to, we also have life to live in community.  Bonhoeffer himself lives out an amazing life’s work, worth commenting on at length.  What is your life looking like as far as living in community both with believers as well as non-believers?  Are you caught up in your vision and calling so much so that you are missing out on the joys of community life?  What is your community life looking like?  What’s my community life looking like?  What’s OUR community life looking like in my hometown or yours?

Check out this read.  You’ll find some strong opinions about form of local church life, but read around and into these points.  You’ll find Dietrich talking about incorporating Christ and His Word into every part of your personal, family, church, and broader community life.  This is a point worth taking to the bank, brining out to spend, and celebrating.  There is a huge amount of delight in life lived among other believers as well as meeting the world around us as a family of believers.

Have a “life together” day, friends!

– Torrey

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