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Truly Connected to the Ground, with a Heart from Heaven


Willis & Kelley Moore have a beautiful story of God’s provision through very trying circumstances.  I met them yesterday and learned about Willis’ story of God’s rescue of His soul and use of his and his wife’s life for His glory.

Willis, only a matter of years ago, was dropped off after a double bi-pass surgery at a bus stop by a woman he thought loved him at one time.  He was so overwhelmed by being homeless, in a terrible state of mind and emotions, and extremely lonely, that he began to walk out in front of an on-coming bus.  He felt a distinct pull on his shoulder and withdrew from committing suicide.  A police officer saw this and put him into a place where he could get his wits about him.  He had a time of homelessness after this where he began to think through life and what really matters.  He met his Kelley online with a post where he shared he was lonely.  They evantually married, and they were excited to share a faith in Jesus Christ, Kelley being well-aware that Willis had a bad heart.  Willis and Kelley have shared their lives with whomever would like to hear their story.

Recently, Willis was able to receive a new heart; however, tragically, during the surgery, he lost his vision entirely.  He is now fully blind.  As he and Kelley step out into this new very difficult challenge, they find that humor and a massive awareness of God’s grace is all they know of to get through each day.  They continue to wrestle over the fact that Willis has lost his sight, but they know God has grace available in this situation.  They are learning about what really matters both in their walk with God and in their marriage.  They have had more influence on the lives of others due to these challenges than they ever could have imagined years ago, having opportunities to share their story in front of churches and day-to-day person-to-person.

May we all see our challenges as gifts from God, opportunities to see Jesus Christ as our true source of satisfaction.  God’s people are our family, so why wouldn’t we want to share our stories frequently with one another, day-by-day “seeing” that true sight is not with our actual eyes, it’s seeing God as the gracious God that He is, the God Who has forgiven us of our sin and given us hearts that are eternally grateful and glad to know God and His family as our own.

It could be so easy for WIllis and Kelley to hide away with this suffering, but instead they laugh and love, enjoying the company of all they meet, sharing their story with huge smiles on their face, finding a sense of adventure in discovering the beauty of a life lived for God no matter one’s circumstances.

You inspire me to worship and enjoy our God, Moore family!  You inspire me to serve others with sharing these stories I have the honor to share day-by-day.

Willis may live in physical darkness, but his eyes are more open than so many we meet day-to-day.  He sees that this world is not his home; rather, Christ is his delight and certain joy, and all who trust in Christ are his eternal family members!  So, he enjoys a life of encouraging others to rest in God’s grace, turn from sin, and celebrate the work of Christ on the cross.  Only because of this death can we have light eternally, no more to dwell in the eternal darkeness of death.

Thank you, Willis and Kelley, for reminding me of the Light of Life in Jesus Christ.

Email Willis if you’d like at

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