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Knit Together in Love


Imagine for a moment listening to Paul as he considered what to write to the Colossians. You’re sitting near him and can hear him whispering his thoughts prior to each sentence. He’s sweating and weeping, thinking how earnestly he wishes he were there in person. He struggles in prayer between every few sentences, asking God that this message would have its full impact not just upon the Colossians but also on us.

Read Colossians chapters one and two and tell me it doesn’t have a profound impact upon you as you get to the end of chapter one and enter into chapter two. Paul is struggling, striving, wrestling for the believers to know God together in beautiful and godly intimacy. May we respond with this being knit together in love.

Carrie and I are finding more and more great friendships and being filled with courage to press into Christ together with these friends. We are looking for more and more “excuses” to fellowship over God’s Word, pray together, worship God together, eat meals together, go on walks, camping trips, etc. We want to celebrate Christ together more and more, and we want to include others in this celebration. God truly has given us all we need to struggle in this love of God together, being matured together not to be arrogant but to be all the more healthy in our interpersonal interactions, more and more striving to KNOW CHRIST and to MAKE HIM KNOWN… TOGETHER.

Enjoy your week, friends. Happy Monday!

– Torrey

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