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Pray for Grace


Dear friends,
In this era of reckless abandon to sin and worldly pleasures, we must be on our knees together in prayer for God’s unmerited favor, His grace.

What a treat it was for me to spend a morning in Tuolumne City with a group of friends at Revive Cafe yesterday in the “Upper Room” praying earnestly for Tuolumne County, California, our country, and the world. We must band together as believers and pray in earnest for one another, for our friends, and for the lost. May God awaken our hearts as we worship and pray together, and may many come to know this great Savior as our hearts are in a place to serve and share and genuinely love.

This dry year physically for California may be one of the most fruitful years spiritually. We trust God with our own souls and those of our friends around us. May God stir us to find Him as satisfying as He is, our awesome Lord and the God Who is worthy of all praise.

– Torrey

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